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Porsche offers push-button exhaust sound enhancement for 911

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Porsche is offering shoppers an optional upgraded sports-exhaust system for the 911.

Even in standard form, the iconic sports car exhibits a distinctive engine note by way of its unique boxer-engine layout and the relatively short length of its exhaust system plumbing.

The upgraded exhaust builds on this characteristic and gives owners push-button control over their cars aural signature. Porsche says that with a touch on a console-mounted button, the optional exhaust gives the customer an opportunity to take in a more sporting and emotional sound, thereby adjusting the car to their own preferences. The system operates with an exhaust flap built into each main silencer.

Put simply, it gives push-button access to a higher degree of exhaust sound that will tickle the driving enthusiast's soul. Sound effects and volume will depend on engine load, speed and other factors.

The optional exhaust kit is made of stainless steel and features a unique pair of dual-tipped outlets. U.S. market pricing for the system is around $2,500, and a retrofittable version will be available for older models through Porsche's Tequipment product line.

Availability starts next month.