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Porta-Potty Gets its Kicks on Route 66… Until Police Arrest It

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Many of you are surely wondering by this point if the year 2020 can possibly get any weirder. The answer is, yes, it can. And proof is right here in this video:

In what might be an all-time first in automotive history, a porta-potty was filmed rolling along on Route 66 in the neighborhood of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Fans of Breaking Bad will surely nod their heads in understanding…

There are currently two videos circulating online that captured the scene. In the first one featured above, you can see the porta-potty crossing an intersection, apparently staying perfectly within its lane, while other motorists sit idly by in astonishment. Another sequence was apparently shot from two vehicles (one following the errant toilet and another showing the moment of the big arrest).

It has not been independently confirmed if there was anyone inside the freedom-seeking porta-potty during its little joyride.

What could possibly have led to this scene? Strong winds, we’re told. Fittingly, the jokers who edited the second video soundtracked it with Dust in the Wind, by Kansas. Good choice.

Fortunately, local police managed to stop laughing and intervened in time to prevent any accident.

Now, if this had happened in the vicinity of the top of Niagara Falls…