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Production of New Corvette Delayed until February 2020

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Those who have been waiting impatiently for the new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette will have to find it within them to wait some more: Chevrolet spokesperson Kevin Kelly confirmed rumours that have been floating for some time that production of the new C8 generation will be delayed.

Kelly also provided the company’ timeframe for beginning assembly of the car: February 2020. 

Originally the plan was for the first 2020 Corvettes to start coming off the production line before the end of this year. The recent strike action by unionized workers has played havoc with GM’s production schedule, however, leaving the company with no choice but to push back the start of production of its highly-anticipated next-gen Corvette. 

Realistically, the delay has less of an impact on buyers in Canada, as few would have dared take their prized new muscle car onto our roads during winter anyways.

Photo: Chevrolet

For the moment, production of the current C7 edition will continue for a few more weeks, until the plant shuts down to allow for updating it in preparation of assembling the C8.

As soon as production of the new Corvette does get underway, the first deliveries will follow soon after. It remains to be seen if the convertible version will be delayed as well; it was set to go into production early in 2020. Any delay in its case should be minor, however.

Photo: Chevrolet
Photo: Chevrolet