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Rally: Antoine L'Estage launches fundraiser to win 7th title

Canadian rally star Antoine L’Estage has launched a fundraiser to help him capture a 7th Canadian Rally title and 7th North American Cup.

L’Estage is offering for sale a limited series of just 2,500 personally autographed “Never give up” t-shirts.

“Several of my sponsorship contracts expired recently. I was convinced everything would work out for the best, but despite my victories, prizes and championships, negotiations with my prospective sponsors have been difficult and time consuming and I may be forced me to cancel my trials in RALLY AMERICA,” L’Estage wrote on his web site.

Antoine L'Estage rally mitsubishi
Antoine L'Estage (Photo: René Fagnan)

“As you know, racing is prohibitively expensive at this level of competition. Over the years, I have personally invested a lot of money and effort to make it this far and I’ll never give up! So I am asking you, my fans and fans of extreme sports, to help me achieve my dream.

"My team and I are organizing a fundraiser to ensure our on-going success and we will be offering a unique collector’s item, a Limited Edition T- shirt personally autographed by myself. Each and every sale counts towards our success,” Antoine explained.

The t-shirts are sold for $99 and can be ordered from this dedicated web site: