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A Maximum Range of 515 km for the Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford F-150 Lightning
Photo: Ford
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Daniel Rufiange
The pickup offers ranges in line with its only direct rival for now, Rivian's R1T

We can expect to start seeing the first electric versions of the Ford F-150 on the road this summer. Though that will of course depend on how many of the F-150 Lightning trucks the automaker can produce and deliver in the current challenging environment.

However, one bit of information was eagerly awaited: confirmation of the range of the various versions that will be offered.

Ford CEO Jim Farley has just corroborated the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) fuel consumption estimates via a tweet. He didn't have much of a choice, mind you, because those famous labels that can be seen on the side windows of new vehicles, labels that reveal, among other things, range (or fuel consumption ratings), appeared online over the weekend.

We thus now know from the horse’s mouth that the Pro, XLT and Lariat models, which will receive the regular battery pack, will offer a capacity of 230 miles, or 370 km. With the larger battery pack (Extended Range), range from those models will climb to 320 miles, the equivalent of 515 km.

As for the Platinum version, which will only be available with the larger battery, but whose format will be somewhat different (in terms of wheels, height, etc.), we’re talking about a range of 300 miles or 483 km.

Jim Farley was very proud to announce that his engineers had done better than what was initially anticipate; back in December Farley made mention of a maximum range of 484 km.

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