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Mercedes-Benz Recalls 31,577 Vehicles in Canada, Asks Owners to Stop Driving Them

2008 Mercedes-Benz ML 350
Photo: Mercedes-Benz
The recall affects older models, but the potential risk involved makes it essential to reach as many owners as possible Automotive expert , Updated:

There are many recalls throughout the industry, but rarely does one come with a request like Mercedes-Benz has just made. It is asking owners of vehicles affected by its new campaign to stop driving their vehicles until they can be fixed.

The reason? A problem could lead to a brake system failure. We are talking about a very serious safety feature.

The campaign affects some 292,000 vehicles in the United States, and 31,577 models in Canada. The products in question are the ML, GL and R SUVs produced for the 2006-to-2013 model years.

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2012 Mercedes-Benz GL 350
2012 Mercedes-Benz GL 350
Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Here's how Mercedes-Benz Canada explains the problem owners may be experiencing:

“Moisture can seep under a rubber sleeve installed around the brake booster housing. After prolonged periods in the field and with significant exposure to water, this can lead to corrosion in the seal area of the brake booster housing, which contributes to a vacuum leak at the brake booster. In this case, brake force amplification may be reduced, increasing the brake pedal pressure required to decelerate the vehicle and/or potentially increasing stopping distance.

In rare cases of very severe corrosion, it is possible that sudden or heavy braking could cause mechanical damage to the brake booster, which could cause the connection between the brake pedal and the brake system to fail. In this rare case, it would not be possible to decelerate the vehicle using the brake pedal. This would increase the risk of a collision or injury. The operation of the foot-operated parking brake is not affected by this problem.”

- Mercedes-Benz recall document filed with NHTSA

That's why the company is recommending that owners of these models stop driving them. Mercedes-Benz Canada will provide a free towing service to owners es so that their vehicles can be taken to the dealer of their choice for repair. At the shop, the rubber boot will be removed and the brake booster housing will be inspected. Parts that need to be replaced will be replaced as needed. If a more extensive repair is required and can’t be done immediately, dealers will assist customers in finding a transportation solution.

Owners of recalled vehicles can call 1-800-387-0100 for more information about their vehicle.

The company says it has not received any reports of accidents or injuries in connection with the issue.

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