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Ford is recalling over 300,000 2017 Explorer SUVs, Including 27,000 in Canada

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Ford has just announced a recall of over 300,000 2017 Explorer SUVs in North America, including 27,000 units in Canada, due to sharp front seat frames causing a risk of hand injuries.

The company says that in the vehicles identified under the recall, front-row occupants to reach down between their seat and the central console could suffer cuts to their hand.

Ford is aware of 31 reports of hand injuries caused by the problem.

The Explorer models affected were built between 13 February 2013 and 25 October 2017 at Ford’s Chicago, Illinois plant.

In all, the recall affects 311,907 2017 Ford Explorer models; of those 23,380 are in Canada and another 3,045 are in Mexico.

To be clear, this is not an issue that affects the performance or reliability of the vehicle. Still, since at least 31 people have been injured means we felt it important to report on the problem and the ensuing recall.

2017 Ford Explorer
Photo: Ford
2017 Ford Explorer