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Toyota Issues New Recall of 2022 Tundras, This Time to Fix a Backup Camera Issue

2022 Toyota Tundra | Photo: Toyota
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Daniel Rufiange
This makes a few recalls already for the Tundra; Toyota must be hoping that's the end of it with this new generation

Recalls are commonplace with new models that are introduced to the market, as well as with existing models debuting new generations. Toyota has a history of offering reliable products, but it too is having to deal with some birthing issues with its new 2022 Tundra.

Yesterday, the automaker announced a new recall of the new Tundra, this after some 50,000 units were recalled last month due to a potential problem with the rear axle. This time, a problem with the backup camera is forcing the company to call 30,000 vehicles back to the shop.

In Canada, 2,075 vehicles are affected.

The problem is not serious, but it can potentially lead to small incidents. On some 2022 Tundras, the backup camera screen could show an image of what's going on in front, even when the vehicle is backing up.

The campaign targets both regular and hybrid models. The problem is apparently related to the monitor offering a panoramic view, and to get it fixed, owners will be asked to being their vehicle to a dealer to have the ECU module reprogrammed.

The repair will of course be carried out free of charge. A similar problem affected just under 20,000 models earlier this year (in that instance, the image did not appear on the screen of some vehicles). The reprogramming of the ECU module solves both problems (if the first one was not fixed).

Toyota will directly contact owners of vehicle impacted by the new recall.

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2022 Toyota Tundra, interior
2022 Toyota Tundra, interior | Photo: Toyota
Daniel Rufiange
Daniel Rufiange
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