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Remembering Canadian racer Stephane Proulx

Canadian racecar driver, Stephane Proulx, passed away 20 years ago on November 21, 1993, from complications resulting from an HIV-related illness.

He was born December 12, 1965, in Ste. Adele, Quebec. His mother, Monique, was also a racecar driver, and Stephane inherited her love of speed.

Proulx first competed in the Jim Russell School championship in California, sleeping in his car because he was really short on money.

He then became the 1987 Canadian Formula Ford 2000 champion, driving a Reynard 87SF for the Spenard-David Racing School.

In 1989 and 1990, he benefitted from the support of Player’s and competed in the FIA Intercontinental Formula 3000 Championship for teams GA Motorsport and Pacific Racing.

I went to see him race at Nogaro, and he told me that both teams collected Player’s money, but intentionally put used parts on his car, resulting in him crashing often from mechanical failures.

Proulx then returned to Canada and won the Canadian Formula Atlantic title. The year after, he raced for a half season in the French Formula 3 series for Formula Project Racing. He never brought the money he was supposed to, and the team fired him after the Grand Prix de Pau.

In April 1993, Proulx crashed really hard in an Atlantic car on the Phoenix oval. Proulx was hit on the head by a wheel lost by another competitor. He sustained severe head injuries, but strangely flew back to Montreal a few days later.

I saw him at the Canadian Grand Prix in June. He had escaped from home against the will of the doctors. He recognized me, but spoke like if he was fully drunk.

Proulx sadly died in his home of complications resulting from an HIV-related illness a few months later.