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Lease a Renault Twizy for just $99 a month!

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After announcing the arrival of the new Renault Twizy in Canada a short while ago, we can now tell you that the small, fully electric quadricycle manufactured in France will be available for lease to customers in Canada starting at just $99 a month, registration and insurance included.

Local distributor AZRA, based in Terrebonne north of Montreal, will also implement a network of 2,000 charging stations across the country over the next 18 months. Each of these stations can accommodate four users at the same time, so that makes 8,000 charging outlets at the disposal of Twizy customers. They’ll be located around office buildings and shopping malls, for instance. 

AZRA will invest $40 million as part of this ambitious project.

With a top speed of 40 km/h, the Renault Twizy comes under the Canadian category of Low-Speed Vehicles (LSV). However, La Presse reports that Quebec Transport Minister Jacques Daoust plans to make the Twizy legal in 50km/h zones, as well. A more powerful version of the car could also be introduced.