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That's the souped bit. The tarted bit includes a unique look highlighted by an "aggressive" front spoiler, rocker panel extensions, a rear bumper cover, and a rear wing. As well as making the Viggen look different from your average 9-3, these bits also drop the car's drag coefficient by eight per cent, bringing it to 0.31 on the hardtops and 0.33 on the ragtop.

Viggen's design also reduces the lift forces at the rear end, which should help provide stability at supra-legal highway speeds.

Inside the Viggen also has a unique look, highlighted by a light-gray dashboard fascia with black switches and Saab's patented Night Panel, which turns off the lights in the gauges until information provided on one of them is needed by the driver.

All Viggens come with Rocky Black leather seats with textured leather inserts.