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SAAQ unveils new driver’s licence with increased security

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The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) has started rolling out a new driver’s licence with increased security that will prove much harder to falsify. It also consists of a stronger, polycarbonate card that will last all eight years of validation, as previously announced.

The licence holder’s personal information is engraved by laser, and their photograph is now black and white in an exceptionally high resolution. Additional or improved security features, some of which are tactile or visual, will make it easier to distinguish a fake licence from a real one. 

Old licences remain valid until their expiration date, the SAAQ points out. When the time comes for a renewal, they will be replaced. 

Other official documents like the learner’s licence, probationary licence, and taxi driver’s licence also benefit from these extra security measures.