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Selling the 2015 VW TDI to Parents Everywhere

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Ever been on a road trip with kids? If you have, you’ll understand the woes of multiple gas station stops and what that means for your parental sanity. When you’re solo, pumping your car is an easy 5-minute affair. Add kids to the mix and suddenly you’re pumping gas while you watch your offspring destroy aisles 3, 5, and 8 as blue slushy makes its way out of the cup and all over the counter… 

Yeah, there’s no need for all of that with the brand new 2015 Volkswagen Passat TDI, and that’s just what VW USA is proving with their latest TV commercial (as seen on AutoEvolution). Showcasing slow-motion demon children destroying a gas station while the innocent mother pumps gas into her American gas-guzzler, Volkswagen then shows the TDI roll by the station with three angelic children strapped in reading books and sitting silently. 

The message? Diesel means less gas-station stops, so instead of buying big, thirsty American cars and having hell-spawn children, go German and keep your kids in check.