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Smaller Acura NSX may replace Honda S2000

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Rumours have been flying around a lot since the launch of the new Acura NSX, but now it's getting a bit more serious and real. Honda is reportedly working on a smaller version of the NSX to pretty much replace the late S2000 roadster.

Insiders told The Detroit Bureau that the “Baby Acura NSX” would directly rival the Porsche Cayman and Alfa Romeo 4C when it goes on sale in about three years.

While no specifics were provided, it would be safe to expect the same type of drivetrain as the NSX, meaning an internal combustion engine (perhaps the 2.0L turbo found in the upcoming Honda Civic Type R?) paired with three electric motors and mix of aluminum and carbon fibre components. The car would tip the scales at approximately 1,400kg and produce anywhere between 350-550 horsepower.

This Honda S2000 replacement could be assembled at the same plant as the larger, more powerful Acura NSX. Look for a concept to be revealed by 2017 and a production model likely to debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in 2018.