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Special Volvo C30 and S80 models headed for SEMA

Automotive expert , Updated:
Two specially customized Volvo models are ready to bow at this year's SEMA show. Both are intended to bring the style and performance characteristic of the Volvo brand to new levels through advanced customization by Volvo tuning experts. Here's a look at what to expect.

Volvo S80 High Performance Concept
Wearing a striking aluminum-look paint appliqué and a massaged turbocharged engine, the S80 HPC has been reworked by Volvo tuning experts Heico Sportiv to bring forward a new level of excitement from the brands flagship.

"We wanted to explore how far we could take a special high-performance version of the S80. Heico Sportiv's impressive track record in motor sports and Volvo tuning made them the perfect partner for the job," said Lex Kerssemakers, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at Volvo.

Aside from a lowering package, special rims and tires and several other hand-built styling touches, the heart of the S80 has been upgraded as well. Under the hood is a 350 horsepower variant of the twin-turbo inline six engine. In this case, it's tuned to run on bio-ethanol and creates about 350 horsepower. That's hooked up with Volvos AWD system with instant-traction, and is good for sub six-second 0-60 passes. The extra output is scrubbed off by an upgraded braking system.

Heico Sportiv President Holger Hedtke summarizes "when it comes to the driving experience, we aimed at tuning all the components so we get a dynamic yet harmonious result. In other words, a true sports car experience without losing the luxurious and comfortable touch that is the hallmark of the S80."

Volvo C30 High Performance Concept
Showing off their touch to the C30 model and turning up the 'visual volume' is a special edition model, also tuned by Heico Sportiv. Far from a one-off prototype, this particular unit is adorned with parts available from the Heico's showroom. There's a special surf-pattern designed body-kit accented by widened skirting all around. A quad-pipe exhaust system sets off the rear of the car.

It's bolted to a beefed up T-5 engine with 300 horspower, enabling 0-60 in about 5.4 seconds on its way to a 250km/h top speed. Sport suspension and upgraded brakes keep the power planted to the road, and the entire package rides on special "Volution" wheels and performance tires.

"The already sporty and distinctive personality of the C30 model makes it the perfect tuning product. Our car is a spectacular extension of the individualisation philosophy that is a part of the C30," says Holger Hedtke.