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Stellantis Will Adopt Tesla's NACS Chargers

2025 Ram 1500 Rev | Photo: Ram
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Daniel Rufiange
The brand's vehicles will be equipped with NACS ports from 2026.

Stellantis is the latest automaker to announce it will be adopting Tesla's NACS (North American Charging Standard) charging connectors. This will be from 2026.

The automaker becomes one of the last major players to make the leap. The ball started rolling in May 2023 with Ford, with numerous other manufacturers following suit in the months that followed. We’re now at the stage where the vast majority of electrified vehicles in North America will soon be equipped with the same charging connectors as found on Tesla EVs.

For owners of vehicles made by Stellantis, this will mean gaining access to some 12,000 Tesla charging stations.

A Tesla charging station
A Tesla charging station | Photo: D.Boshouwers

Several electric models are expected from Stellantis between now and 2026, including Jeep's Wagoneer S and Recon SUVs and Ram's 1500 Rev pickup. During the transition period, the company will make adapters available to owners so they can use the grid even if their vehicle is equipped with the CCS (Combined Charging System) port.

“Customers win when the industry aligns on open standards. We are happy to announce our backing and adoption of the SAE J3400 connector, a milestone for all customers on the path to open and seamless charging,” said Ricardo Stamatti, Stellantis Senior VP for Global Energy and Charging.

Stellantis is also part of a group of seven automakers that announced, in June 2023, the development and deployment of a charging network (Ionna) with 30,000 charging stations, both in cities and on North American highways. In addition to Stellantis, the group also counts on BMW, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Kia and Mercedes-Benz.

Electric vehicles of all makes will be able to use Ionna chargers. The network is compatible with models equipped with NACS or CCS connectors.

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