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Two Stellantis Recalls: Nearly 210,000 Jeep and Dodge Vehicles Affected

Dodge durango | Photo: V.Aubé
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Daniel Rufiange
A total of 25,627 vehicles in Canada are affected

•    Dodge and Jeep are recalling nearly 210,000 vehicles.

•    At Jeep, Wranglers and Gladiators with manual transmissions are affected.

•    On about 139,000 Dodge Durango SUVs, the rear spoiler could detach.

Two recalls affecting nearly 210,000 vehicles have been issued by Stellantis, one at Dodge and the other at Jeep.

Dodge Durango - Profile
Dodge Durango - Profile | Photo: V.Aubé

In the first case, 139,019 2021-2023 Durango SUVS are being recalled because of a problem with the rear spoiler. On very rare occasions, these could come off the vehicle. A specific cause has been identified. Durangos built between October 24, 2020 and February 16, 2023 could have fins installed so that when the tailgate is opened, they come into contact with the roof. The problem is that doing so will eventually damage the spoiler, which can cause it to come off the vehicle.

Owners may get a warning if they notice a strange noise when they open the tailgate. They may also hear the spoiler tapping when the vehicle is in motion. In the worst case, the wind can blow it off. Of course, if it separates from the vehicle, it could create a hazard for other road users.

Dodge says it is not aware of any injuries or accidents related to this situation. The company will notify owners by mail and ask them to take their vehicle to a dealer to have the rear spoiler inspected and, if necessary, replaced.

In Canada, 18,163 units are affected. 

Jeep Gladiator
Jeep Gladiator | Photo: V.Aubé

Jeep’s recall affects 69,201 Wrangler and Gladiator models equipped with the company's 6-speed manual transmission. In Canada, 7,464 vehicles are affected. 

This recall aims to correct a situation that was apparently not well resolved during a previous campaign. In 2020, Jeep recalled both models because the clutch pressure plates could overheat and break. If this happened, the pressure plate could also crack or break the transmission housing. 

The repairs that were made were not enough. 

Earlier this year, internal investigators at the company detected “a potential trend of vehicle fires related to defective clutch assemblies” in vehicles built after the 2021 recall repairs. So rather than recalling 33,237 (the original number) units, 69,201 are now being called back for a fix. 

And the problem remains. Transport Canada describes it this way: “Debris from an overheated and fractured pressure plate could contact nearby parts and increase the risk of a fire. Parts that fall from the vehicle could create a road hazard for others and increase the risk of injury.”

Jeep says it is aware of one injury related to this situation, though no accidents. The affected models are the Wrangler from the 2018-2023 model-years, as well as the Gladiator from the 2020-2023 model-years.

The company is still working on a solution. Letters will be sent to owners beginning April 14.

Jeep Wrangler
Jeep Wrangler | Photo: V.Aubé
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