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Subaru Offers Up Early Glimpse of Its Future Solterra

Subaru Solterra | Photo: Subaru
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Daniel Rufiange
The all-electric Solterra is expected in 2022 as a 2023 model

Next year, Subaru is on track to introduce an all-new model. The Solterra SUV will of course be all-wheel drive, but more notably it will also be all-electric. The model is the latest fruit of Subaru’s collaboration with Toyota, a partnership that has already given us the Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 sports cars.

The model is still some ways off – it’s expected this time next year, as a 2023 model. Still, the company decided that it’s never too early to start whipping up interest and anticipation, and so we have the first few images to pick apart.

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Subaru Solterra, profile
Subaru Solterra, profile | Photo: Subaru

One of the images shows the bumper and the lights, which we now know will follow the Subaru signature. The units are LED and only the amount of logos attached to the tailgate manages to shade them. The new model is eager, it seems, to announce itself to the world.

Also evident is plastic cladding sitting underneath the bumper to give the model an adventurous look... and one in line with the brand's primary mission.

Up front, we note the presence of LED headlights. The cut of the muzzle and grille is actually Toyota's signature, and it's even more obvious in the image of the vehicle’s profile image. However, here we make out a very sloping, even sporty rear cut. Again, the resemblance to the Toyota model is obvious, hardly surprising given the similarities between the BRZ and the 86.

In fact, the main differentiator might be the wheel design. Those offered by Subaru look more-robust and sportier than what we’ve seen on the bZ4X.

Subaru Solterra, headlight
Subaru Solterra, headlight | Photo: Subaru
Subaru Solterra, interior
Subaru Solterra, interior | Photo: Subaru

Another image shows a dark interior and serves mainly to highlight the screens and the design bases. Most striking is the break with the signature of current Subaru products, for example with the presence of two distinct and imposing screens and a new-looking centre console.

Just below the main screen are touch and haptic controls, in front of a selector that takes the form of a wheel. There’s an undeniable futuristic character to the whole.

Beyond that, we could speculate for a long time on elements visible in the images (materials, equipment, etc.), but we'll have all the answers with the unveiling of the model, which, let's remember, is only scheduled for next year.

Stay tuned.

Subaru Solterra, out in nature
Subaru Solterra, out in nature | Photo: Subaru
Subaru Solterra, silhouette
Subaru Solterra, silhouette | Photo: Subaru
Subaru Solterra, from above
Subaru Solterra, from above | Photo: Subaru
Subaru Solterra, profile img. 2
Subaru Solterra, profile img. 2 | Photo: Subaru
Subaru Solterra, rear light
Subaru Solterra, rear light | Photo: Subaru
Subaru Solterra, badging
Subaru Solterra, badging | Photo: Subaru
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