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Subaru Previews the Next BRZ

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The Subaru BRZ first debuted back in 2012, simultaneously with the Scion FR-S, which later became the Toyota 86. Fast-forward eight years: after much speculation about its future, we now know when the second-generation model will be introduced, with Subaru teasing a first image and divulging a few juicy details, with the promise of more to come soon.

Specifically the Japanese automaker announced on social media that the next version of its rear-wheel drive sports car will be presented in full this fall. It also shared an image that shows a 10-spoke wheel. Toyota has for its part been quiet regarding the 86, but we can expect the same schedule for its own sporty model, since the two cars are still the result of a partnership.

Going by spy photos circulating online, it’s safe to say the model will be essentially the same size. Most of the changes up front concern the headlights and the grille, which gets a honeycomb pattern, and in back the lights and an integrated spoiler.

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The bigger change involves what’s coming under the hood. Many enthusiasts demanded more power from the first-generation model, but engineers explained that grafting in more-powerful mechanics would have upset the car's balance. However, it was believed that the design of the next-generation model could correct this situation.

The consensus is that the next BRZ will be powered by the automaker's 2.4L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. This unit would produce some 260 hp, about 30 percent more than the current model's 205 hp. The BRZ is expected to be equipped with a standard 6-speed manual transmission with an optional automatic transmission.

The 2022 Subaru BRZ is expected to arrive within the next year. Prices are not expected to change drastically compared to the current model, so we're still expecting to find a vehicle under $30,000. The top brass at Subaru will of course be the final arbiters of that, so stay tuned.