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Remote-Controlled Hot Wheels Versions of Tesla Cybertruck Coming for Christmas!

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Tesla’s famous/infamous Cybertruck is not a real actual thing yet, but by Christmas it will be. Sort of. Mattel Creations has announced it is making two remote-controlled Hot Wheels versions of the embryonic pickup Tesla presented in November of last year.

One is a standard 1:64 scale model that can go on your basic orange hot wheel track (list price, $20 USD), while the other is a 1:10 scale limited-edition “hobby grade” truck ($400 USD). Tesla fans take note, however, that pre-orders are already underway and that all of the limited edition trucks have been snapped up by eager-beaver Tesla nuts and collectors.

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Photo: Mattel

Mattel is careful to point out that the images of the two models depict a design prototype only, and that the final product might look different. Just like in real life.

Also just like in real life, the larger radio-controlled Cybertruck even comes with a decal that can give yours that cracked-window look immortalized at the launch of the concept last November!

Photo: Mattel

Mattel is also touting the scale-model Cybertruck as having all-wheel drive as well as two modes, Chill and Sport. The vehicle features working headlights and taillights, the rear section’s cover and tailgate (and even a loading ramp) can be manually opened and closed, and the interior is fully visible.

The two radio-controlled scale-model Cybertrucks should be available as of December 15, 2020.