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Tesla Produces its One Millionth Car

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Whether you’re a fan of the Tesla brand or not, there’s no denying a) the difference it has made in the industry, and b) that the brand is currently experiencing heady times. This week it reached a major milestone: the manufacture of its one millionth vehicle.

Unsurprisingly, Elon Musk celebrated on Twitter with a photo of a vehicle that hasn't yet made its debut but promises to be a hit: the Model Y SUV.

A shiny red Model Y surrounded by Tesla plant workers appears in one of the two photos that the company's big boss decided to share on Twitter.

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Photo: Tesla

One Twitter user, Aurux Xuruö, shared some interesting data that give an idea of Tesla's production rate, and just how much it has progressed. According to the data provided, as of December 31, 2019, the California-based automaker had built 893,450 vehicles since Day 1. If this figure is accurate, it means that since the beginning of 2020, 106,550 models have been assembled, with 16 working days left before the end of the first quarter of the year.

Do a little math, and that brings a total of some 500,000 units for the 2020 year alone.

This accelerated rate production is of course possible because there are now two Tesla plants in operation: in Fremont, California, in Shanghai, China.

At this rate, total production could well reach two million units within two years. Interestingly, and in a comparison that shows just how long it takes for innovations to reach the general public, Tesla’s sales have followed a growth curve quite similar to that for the Toyota Prius. It took several years for Toyota to reach one million units sold of that pioneering hybrid model - the Japanese automaker only celebrated that milestone in May 2008. But thereafter, growth was exponential. By September 2010, just 16 months later, sales had reached two million.