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Tesla Model S gets a fresh new look!

Tesla has officially introduced the new Model S, which sports a number of styling updates along with new features to remain on top of the EV game.

Up front, the redesigned fascia gets rid of the conventional grille for a look that’s reminiscent of the Model X crossover. Newly styled, 3-position adaptive headlights with 14 LED units are another highlight.

According to Motor Trend, the new Tesla Model S also features a brand new HEPA filtration system that can remove all allergens, bacteria, contaminants, and at least 99.97% of exhaust pollution. The standard charger was upgraded from 40 amps to 48 amps for faster charging, while two new interior trim choices are available including Figure Ash Wood Décor and Dark Ash Wood Décor.

It now remains to be seen whether a larger-capacity, 100kWh battery will be added as rumour had it. At the present time, 70kWh and 90kWh versions continue to be offered.