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Tesla Motors opens its doors in Montreal

Just when you thought this holiday season couldn’t get any better, Tesla went and jacked up the jolly a notch by opening a brand new dealership on the island of Montreal. 

“Along with Oslo and various spots in California, Montreal is one of Tesla’s major hot-spots in terms of sales and interest,” explained Communication Manager, Will Nicholas. 

And while the weather may be far from hot right now, it’s clear that Montrealers have more than warmed up to the idea of all-electric vehicles here. Sales in Quebec have already been quite good for Tesla so far, and this new dealer located on one of Montreal’s major thoroughfares, Decarie, is sure to be a hit. 

As the first ever, all-electric vehicle dealership on the island of Montreal, this Tesla Motors dealership offers it all: full service centre, sales team, Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program, as well as charging stations out front (both standard and two super charging stations that will be available for use in the coming months). 

“As owners of the P85+ and Model S realize the benefits of the P85 D in the winter here, we predict quite a few will trade in for the AWD dual-motor variant,” mused Nicholas of the Certified Pre-Owned program that will be available at the dealership. 

With two years in Canada already under its belt, it’s safe to say that Tesla has proven it can stand up to our winters in terms of battery life, and now they’ve raised that winter bar even higher with the P85 D which offers all-wheel drive along with all the other benefits the Tesla Model S has to offer. 

Tesla Motors on Ferrier street in Montreal opened its doors to the public for a VIP night on December 05th, and to the tune of a live harp mixed with dubstep tunes, they offered potential customers and enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the 691-horsepower Tesla Model S P85 D on a ride-along in their “launch tunnel” where 0-100km/hr comes in just under 3 seconds. 

Tesla Motors Montreal is now fully open to the public.