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Hyundai Canada, Groupe Gabriel Inaugurate EV-Specific Retail Space in Montreal

The Hyundai Électrifié boutique in Montreal | Photo: Hyundai
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Derek Boshouwers
Quebec is Canada’s largest market for EVs, so it’s a natural choice for this new retail concept

Hyundai Canada and the Groupe Gabriel automotive group officially inaugurated the first mainstream EV-specific boutique dealership in North America yesterday evening in downtown Montreal.

In a sign of what the goal of the Hyundai Électrifié space is, Hyundai declines to even use the word ‘dealership’ in describing it. Rather, the new boutique is designed as much to be a showcase and information centre for the brand’s EVs as a selling space.

To create this showcase and help familiarize consumers with its growing roster of all-electric vehicles, Hyundai is thus partnering up with Quebec-based Groupe Gabriel, holder of four Hyundai dealerships in the province. Together,

“Groupe Gabriel and Hyundai Canada aim to enhance the customer journey through a tailored experience offered at Hyundai Electrifié, which allows Canadians to learn more about Hyundai’s electrified lineup and how to make EV ownership work for them.”

- Hyundai Canada

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Don Romano (Hyundai Canada), Gabriel Azouz (Groupe Gabriel) and Bassem El-Rahimy (Turo)
Don Romano (Hyundai Canada), Gabriel Azouz (Groupe Gabriel) and Bassem El-Rahimy (Turo) | Photo: Hyundai

Hyundai Canada president and CEO Don Romano was on hand for the official opening; he stresses that “Quebec continues to be a leader in Canada in terms of EV adoption and remains a top priority for Hyundai, and we are very excited to work with Groupe Gabriel to bring this new, interactive store design to the heart of Montreal.” He adds that “With so many new and prospective EV adopters in the province, our approach is focused on informing as many people as possible about EVs, our company, and the advanced technology behind our vehicles.”

The idea of Hyundai Électrifié is to provide answers to questions consumers might have about EVs, and bring them into close contact with Hyundai’s Ioniq lineup of electric vehicles. Several studies have shown recently that lack of familiarity is a stumbling block for would-be EV buyers, and this is a straightforward attempt to fix that.

Recall that Quebec has in place a plan to ban the sale of light internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles by 2035. EV adoption rates are higher there than in any other province, thanks in part to the largest EV incentives available in the country. To wit, over 60 percent of Hyundai Canada’s all-electric vehicles sold are sold in Quebec; over 40 percent of pre-orders for the Ioniq 5 crossover also came in the province.

According to Don Romano, Hyundai Canada has no plans at this time for a similar space elsewhere in the country, but this will likely depend on how well this first store is received by consumers.

The new Hyundai Électrifié boutique, located on Montreal’s main shopping strip on Ste-Catherine Street in the heart of downtown, is open to customers and curious would-be EV buyers as of now.

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The showroom of the Hyundai Électrifié boutique
The showroom of the Hyundai Électrifié boutique | Photo: Hyundai
At the opening of the Hyundai Électrifié boutique in Montreal
At the opening of the Hyundai Électrifié boutique in Montreal | Photo: Hyundai
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