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The ABCs of car insurance

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What about your car insurance?

Finally, you are now in possession of your vehicle! But before taking the road, you need some insurance! In Quebec, you can't drive legally if your vehicle is not insured.

Before signing a contract at the dealership, call your insurer and inquire about the premium you will have to pay. There are often significant differences from one vehicle to another - and even from one model trim to another.

Some of the factors that can influence your insurance policy include:

  • The type and value of your vehicle
  • Parts and repair costs
  • The replacement value in the event of a total loss (or the replacement value of parts)
  • The age and gender of the owner (normally, the frequency of claims decreases as drivers get older. Women are also known to make less claims than men)
  • The number of drivers who will use your vehicle
  • The main purpose of your vehicle (for commuting or traveling)
  • Your claim history over the last six years

How to reduce your car insurance premium

There are many ways to reduce the insurance premium on your vehicle:

  • Drive carefully in order to avoid accidents and fines
  • Have a theft-deterrent system installed on your vehicle (even if your insurer does not require you to do it, such system would make your car safer, which could in turn reduce your premium)
  • Increase your deductible
  • Get your car insurance from the same company that covers your house