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The accident report and the joint report

When it comes to filling out an accident report, no province other than Quebec requires you to fill out and submit a specific document to your insurer. However, in the event of a road accident, it is important to note certain information which could be useful to your insurer. To ensure you do not forget certain details which could be relevant, always keep an accident report form in your vehicle. 

Where can I get an accident report?
Your car insurance company can at any time provide you with an accident report form. Residents of Quebec can order a joint report form and other documents pertaining to car insurance on the InfoInsurance website.

Quebec is unique in having a specific accident report form, termed a joint report. The joint report must be filled out by the parties involved in a road accident when there are no injuries. It is important to always keep a few copies in your vehicle! Otherwise the police will have to intervene and transmit an accident report to your insurer, a process which can take up to 15 days.

The joint report is used to note the relevant details surrounding a road accident, and not to determine the levels of responsibility of the parties involved. A duly filled out car accident report will accelerate processing of a claim and paying out of indemnities.

Ontario residents can consult the website of the province’s car insurance regulator (FSCO) for details on information to collect in the event of an accident; Alberta motorists can obtain information on the provincial government’s website.

To learn more about the procedure surrounding a road accident and about claims for indemnification, visit our sections on road accidents and on car insurance claims.