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The next CR-Z could get NSX DNA

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Speculations surrounding the demise of the Honda’s missed opportunity, the CR-Z, long ago had it die and disappear. Given the current rumours that a sporty CR-Z could be on its way, we have to believe that it’s here to stay. 

If the gossips are true, this time around, Honda will deliver us a performance oriented car with an NSX inspired outer shell that could find its way into dealership showrooms in as early as 2 years. And by performance, they could mean that the Civic Type-R’s turbocharged 306 horsepower 2.0L 4-pot could be its source of motivation. 

But before we get carried away, other sources stipulate that the next CR-Z will continue on as a hybrid and that it might be headed our way in more or less the same timeframe. It would seem that this next hybrid CR-Z will be reserved for the JDM but nothing is certain. 

The 1st generation CR-Z was based on the Honda Fit platform however with the fuel tank mounted in the rear as opposed the center. The next CR-Z will likely ride on the next Civic’s platform however will be cut short by a few inches. 

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