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Tim Hortons' new treat of the month: EV charging stations!

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Electric vehicle charging stations are now available at Tim Hortons located at 228 Wyecroft Road in Oakville, ON, and for use by employees at the company's headquarters.

This pilot project was made possible through a partnership with Oakville Hydro and the city of Oakville.

“The electric vehicle infrastructure is in its infancy and we see a potential opportunity for Tim Hortons to help make a true difference by expanding that infrastructure in Canada,” said Paulo Ferreira, Senior Director of International Design and Building Standards at Tim Hortons. “At this stage, the goal for us is to explore and understand the technology, to see how it can work at our restaurants and how we can, in turn, support our guests who choose to go electric.”

Tim Hortons is currently in talks with other municipalities in an attempt to expand the pilot project and, possibly, offer EV charging stations all over the country. Going forward, all newly-built Canadian restaurants will have pre-wiring to simplify the installation process.

There are more than 3,300 Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada.

Photo: Tim Hortons