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Top 10 Best & Worst Chick Cars

Top 10 Best & Worst Chick Cars

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Most small cars are often associated with women. Whether it's subcompacts or convertibles, their diminutive size and/or lack of aggressiveness seem to appeal to female drivers in particular.

True or not, we can tell you for a fact that women also like larger vehicles, especially when we have a family to haul around. SUVs and crossovers attract a fair share of ladies -- and not just soccer moms!

A quick survey of friends, family members, and employees has helped us put together these lists of the top 5 best and the top 5 worst chick cars. Fortunately, most of the models in the latter category have gone the way of the dodo.

Top 5 Best Chick Cars

1. Fiat 500
Fiat 500 vue 3/4 avant
Photo: Fiat

Arguably the ultimate expression of feminity, and the best example of a chick car, the tiny Fiat 500 is all cute and curvy, not to mention infinitely customizable.