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Top 10 most hilarious Super Bowl car commercials!

The Super Bowl is a monster. Every year, the National Football League championship is watched by over 100,000 million viewers, making it an ideal venue for marketers and top manufacturers… who can afford a 30-second spot during the game to promote their new products.

According to experts, a single Super Bowl ad costs nearly $3 million US this year. No wonder why advertising companies go to great lengths and use all their imagination to create memorable TV masterpieces.

So, without further ado, here are’s top 10 most hilarious car commercials aired during the Super Bowl since the new millennium:

1) Bridgestone: Screaming Squirrel (2008)
When one of the weakest links of the wildlife chain appears headed for a tragic demise under a car wheel, all the other animals start screaming along to alert the driver. Fortunately, the guy had a good set of tires!

2) Audi: Jason Statham Through Time (2009)
The German automaker had the idea to feature Franck Martin from "The Transporter" movie trilogy in a sort of four-chapter autobiography where he ends up discovering his cherished Audi. Obviously, the car fits him like a glove!

3) Nissan: Dirty Birds (2004)
The "Dirty Bird" pigeon squadron threatens mankind with their smelly projectiles. One of their targets is the owner of a powerful Nissan Maxima who comes out of the car wash and tries to escape the dangerous fleet of birds. He finally hides in a garage with the "bullet"-proof door automatically closing!