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The 10 best 2020 vehicles according to Car and Driver

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Every year, Car and Driver publishes its list of the best vehicles of the year. In the 2020 ranking, which the magazine has condensed to one Top 10 ranking instead of separate ones for cars and for SUVs/trucks, you'll find a bit of everything. Here are the 10 models identified as the best this year by the publication... with our little grain of salt added for good measure.

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1 — Chevrolet Corvette

Photo: Chevrolet

With its configuration taking a downright revolutionary turn, it would have been surprising not to find the Chevrolet Corvette among the cars of the year. With the engine moving from the front to the centre, the entire handling of the car has changed, taking performance to a new level. And, as always with this model, the price tag for what you get is pretty fabulous.

We can expect more than one sportier variant of the model to appear as well. But already, there’s general agreement this Corvette is an instant classic.

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Photo: Chevrolet