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Ford F-150 Lightning: 10 Things Worth Knowing

Auto123 decides what 10 things you really want to know about the upcoming Ford F-150 Lightning!

Kingston, ON - Auto123 accepted Ford’s kind invitation to get an up-close look this week at one of the two prototypes of the future Ford F-150 Lightning currently in existence. While we didn't get to drive the model, here are 10 things you should know about the EV that could revolutionize the pickup truck market. At least, that's Ford’s fervent wish...

1 - A trunk in the front

Since there's no internal combustion engine, the front section is available for other uses. It was either install a hot tub, or make it a storage space; the automaker wisely chose the latter. And it calls it a “frunk”.

With 400 litres of volume and 400 lb of payload, you'll be able to carry two bags of golf clubs or stow two carry-on bags and a travel case.

Ford F-150 Lightning, frunk
Photo: B.Charette
Ford F-150 Lightning, frunk