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The 10 Least Reliable New Vehicles in 2020, According to Consumer Reports

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Khatir Soltani
CR’s 2020 list includes some of the usual suspects, but also a few surprises

Every year, Consumer Reports magazine publishes its list of the most reliable new vehicles on the market. It also produces a ranking of the least reliable new vehicles on the market. These results remain estimates based on the history of the models, as well as a large amount of data collected from owners.

It's always important to remember that this kind of list is relevant especially as a general indicator of overall reliability. The vehicles that make this list of shame present more problems than the average according to Consumer Reports, but it is entirely possible that you own one of these vehicles and find that it’s totally exemplary in your experience!

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It should also be noted that the Consumer Reports ranking is based on 17 specific analysis points, for instance the reliability of the multimedia system, transmission problems once the warranty is over, quality of construction, brakes, the 4X4 system, etc.

Nevertheless, if you're currently looking for a vehicle, it might be wise to do a little extra research when it comes to the following models.

We start with the 10th most unreliable vehicle on the market and work our way up to the most unreliable.

10 - Chevrolet Colorado

Current generation: 2015

Planned redesign: 2022-2023

Common problems identified: transmission, drive system, multimedia system.

Consumer Reports anticipates reliability well below average. Expected owner satisfaction is below average. The GMC Canyon, close cousin of the Chevrolet Colorado, inherits the same ranking, of course.

2020 Chevrolet Colorado
2020 Chevrolet Colorado | Photo: V.Aubé

9 — Chevrolet Camaro

2020 Chevrolet Camaro
2020 Chevrolet Camaro | Photo: Chevrolet

Current generation: 2016

Planned redesign: There have been all sorts of rumours floating around regarding the future of the Camaro, current edition will be produced until the end of 2022. After that, all bets are seemingly off. Will the vehicle's vocation change? Is there an electric future in the cards for the Camaro? To be continued.

Common problems identified: electronic equipment, body assembly quality, transmission.

Consumer Reports forecasts reliability well below average. On the other hand, owner satisfaction is well above average.

2020 Chevrolet Camaro, on the road
2020 Chevrolet Camaro, on the road | Photo: Chevrolet
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