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Top 20: Best Family Vehicles in 2020, According to Parents Magazine

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Vincent Aubé
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Once again this year, Parents magazine names its best vehicle choices when it comes to meeting the needs of families. Unlike last time around, however, the publication is expanding its list of recommended vehicles to 20 (instead of 10 in 2019). Indeed, the magazine's list this year includes a few additional categories, though utility models unsurprisingly make up the majority of those included on the honour roll.

The magazine also took into account the safety evaluations carried out by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). What's more, the "family" angle of this Top 20 requires a test with child seat expert Abbie Patterson. The owner of the Super Car Seat Geek company tested all types of child booster seats in more than 50 car models.

Finally, automotive columnist Rob Stumpf took the wheel of the vehicles in the child seat test to evaluate braking, steering, acceleration and a host of other parameters.

Without further ado, here is the list of the 20 best family vehicles for 2020 according to Parents magazine.

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Minivans – Best Value: Kia Sedona

Kia Sedona
Kia Sedona | Photo: Kia

In the minivan segment, Kia Sedona is found to offer the best value because of the more affordable pricing of it base version. However, the magazine did note that it's not possible to secure three child seats in the second row in the least-expensive model. The automatic transmission (which switched from 6 to 8 gears as of the 2019 model year) is good for smooth shifting.

Minivans – Best Eco Pick: Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Chrysler Pacifica
Chrysler Pacifica | Photo: Chrysler

Chrysler's representative in the ultra-family-oriented minivan segment is currently the only vehicle in the category (in the North American market) that can be plugged in. The plug-in hybrid powertrain lowers average fuel consumption without penalizing performance, while the government discounts are worth keeping in mind here for Canadian consumers.

The Pacifica Hybrid will have to watch its back, though; we already know the next Toyota Sienna will be available with a hybrid powertrain.

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