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Top 10 Compact Hatchbacks

The compact sedan market segment has been losing steam for a few years now, and that’s in large part due to the rise in popularity of sub-compact and compact SUVs – a trend that shows absolutely no signs of fading any time soon.

The saving grace of the compact sedan category is the advent of hatchback versions, which not only offer an undeniable advantage in terms of cargo capacity but come in sporty versions that appeal greatly to fans of fun driving. Design-wise, most feature sleek and seductive lines that borrow from the larger and more muscular sports coupes.

Virtually all of the auto manufacturers currently offer a compact hatchback car. Here are the 10 that we feel stand out in terms of quality, performance and popularity.

Volkswagen Golf: The Queen of the category

Since its debut nearly 40 years ago now, the Golf has been a reference in the compact car market, thanks to its avant-garde styling, refined design and its GTI and R performance versions that we’ve been raving about around here for a long time. The Golf remains the queen of the hatchback hive until someone proves otherwise.