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Top 10 Plug-In Hybrid SUVs on the Canadian market

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We recently put together for you a Top 10 ranking of the most promising fully electric concept SUVs coming down the road in the next few months and years. At present, there is but one electric utility option available to consumers: the Tesla Model X.

The automotive industry is like a large ship, able to turn direction only slowly and gradually. Fully electric mobility on a mass scale is in sight, but we’re not there yet. Which is why, at present, the majority of green SUVs available on the market offer plug-in hybrid powertrains and not fully electric ones.

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While we await the transition to electric to run its course, here are eight plug-in hybrid models currently available in Canada, plus two more that are expected to arrive in the coming months.

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BMW X5 xDrive40e
Here’s one of the first plug-in hybrid SUV models to be offered on the market, and thus one of the oldest. The X5 plug-in hybrid will be getting an update in the coming months since this xDrive40e has been in service since 2015. With changes coming to the 2019 model, the plug-in variant will likely also see its technologies get updated. This should mean greater range in electric mode, while fuel consumption should decrease. As is the case with most SUV hybrids, the X5 uses a 4-cylinder turbo engine to complement the electric motor and batteries.



Photo: BMW