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Top 10: Reasons I Don’t Want My Car Driving Itself

No. 10
I don’t need a spinning wheel of coloured death appearing in my car 

Now, think about that happening in your car, while it’s programmed to drive you somewhere. Suddenly, that spinning wheel of colour appears and you have no control. You need to press reset, but how? And on the move? No thanks. 

No. 9 
Computers are only as intelligent as their creators 

The illusion of “zero” human error is a nice thought, but truthfully, it’s simply that: an illusion. All of these latest technological advancements are created, made, and installed by us. There’s still an element of human interaction, still a means for it to go wrong and for someone to have made a mistake. 

No. 8 
I’m already disconnected enough 

When’s the last time you sat around the dinner table and didn’t look at your phone? Or watched a full TV show without checking FB or Instragram? Aren’t we disconnected enough as it is? Why do we need to shut ourselves down even more by locking ourselves in pods that whisk us from location to location? 

No. 7
The world’s greatest driving roads would disappear 

It’s not that they would crumble and cease to exist; yet there’d be no one left to enjoy them. Sure, you could program Stelvio pass into your self-driving vehicle, but then I’d wager you’d have more fun on a roller coaster, so the sensation, the experience would be completely lost on you. 

No. 6
Our children would hate to drive

Would we still indulge in motorsports if our cars drove themselves? Would our children grow up wanting to drive? Or would they simply be so used to being chauffeured that there would be no desire? I know I have no desire to return to the days of handwriting letters (although there is a certain nostalgia to it) or to turning off my WiFi and no longer having a wifi connection. The concept is foreign and backwards. Won’t future generations feel the same about actually driving? 

No. 5 
“I’m going for a drive” would fall from our vernacular 

The beauty of the open road; the freedom of it all; windows down, hand and arm out riding the air currents. Free. Relaxed. That would all disappear. Sure, you could hang your arm out the window of your self-driving car, but I’m fairly certain it’s not going to give you the same thrill, the same sense of letting go. 

No. 4 
Cars would never be the same 

Turbocharged? No need. Aesthetically pleasing to suit individual tastes? Why bother when they’re just pods that take you from one location to another -- have you ever been in an elevator that was truly different? Nah, neither have I. They’re built with a purpose because you’re going to use them anyways, they have no emotional appeal. Self-driving cars have no emotional appeal, no connection to the driver -- because there is none. 

No. 3 
Road trips would be no more

The beauty of the road trip is the spontaneity of it. Roadside attractions, stopping at random coffee shops and rest areas, that’s the beauty of a road trip. And it’s also about really connecting with the road and the world around you. I’d wager anyone taking a cross-Canada “drive” in a self-driving car is doing anything BUT paying attention to the outside world. And only schedule stops would be allowed, of course. 

No. 2 
I’d no longer be in control of my destiny 

I like being in control (to a certain extent) of my destiny, what will happen to me that day. Driving your own car is all about making split decisions, and often. Someone cuts you off, you react. Someone slams on the brakes, you react. To hand that over … it seems ridiculous. Oh, sure, a computer might be 100 times faster in terms of reaction than I’ll ever be, but I’m still trusting it. With my life. 

No. 1
We’ll all turn into Wall-E characters

If you’ve not seen the animated film, I recommend you do. That’s where we’re headed. No doubt. Disconnected, fat, lazy, consumer-driven humans that let the world around us do everything for us (including pressing a throttle, shifting gears, and steering). It’s a disgusting thought, and we need to get away from it. Self-driving cars aren’t a step forward; they’ll be a step back, back into ourselves and away from the world. It’s a scary, scary thought.