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The Top 10 Best Cars in 2019 According to Car and Driver

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Widely seen as one-third of the Holy Trinity of the automotive press alongside Road and Track and MotorTrend, Car and Driver puts out two annual lists of what it considers the Top 10 Cars and the Top 10 SUVs and Trucks each year. takes a look here at the 2019 crop of cars that have made this prestigious list, a recognition that is highly prized by the auto manufacturers.

As part of it criteria in making its selections, the magazine considered only cars that retail for under $90,000 USD.

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10 – Volkswagen Golf

Name any variant of the Golf, and it has done its part to help ensure the model is once again part of Car and Driver’s celebrated Top 10 list. Whether you’re talking about the base version, the Sportwagen, the Alltrack, the GTI or the R, there simply isn’t a bad Golf model out there, according to the magazine. And with the new generation expected with great anticipation this year, we wouldn’t bet against the Golf making the list again in 2020.

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Volkswagen Golf R
Photo: D.Boshouwers
Volkswagen Golf R
Volkswagen Golf GTI
Photo: Volkswagen
Volkswagen Golf GTI