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Toyo Observe G3 Ice: End of Season Review

Talk about timing! Just as we were planning on having the winter tires removed on the 2017 Chevrolet Volt last week, Eastern Ontario and Quebec were hit with one of the most ferocious snowstorms of the past several years. Certain areas saw almost 80 centimetres of snow fall on them.

This gave us quite the opportunity to discover just how well the Toyo Observe G3 Ice could grip the snow.

In terms of grip and snow evacuation, there was no problem to report, and this held no matter how deep the snow we plowed through. We should mention as well the excellent grip it managed on the ice that lurked beneath all that snow.

All in all, these tires provided us with remarkable performance over the course of the long winter and the 8,000 km we drove.

So this is it until next winter, when we’ll be following up with this road test.

In the meantime, we invite to read our first review as well as our mid-winter report.