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Toyota Canada is Recalling 3,896 2019 RAV4 SUVs

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Toyota Canada is issuing a recall of close to 4,000 RAV4 SUVs due to a potentially defective backup camera.

According to Toyota’s recall notice, on some models of the popular compact SUV “the connector for the audio display unit might have been damaged during assembly. The damage could cause the backup camera system to not activate when the transmission is shifted into reverse”.

Recall that since May 1, 2018, auto manufacturers are required to include backup cameras in all new vehicles weighing 4,536 kg or less, and that a rearview image must display when the vehicle is in reverse gear.

Toyota Canada will replace audio system units found to be defective.

Specifically, the RAV4 models affected include both regular and hybrid editions. The company will advise owners on how to check if their vehicle has a defective unit via a notice sent to them, but those who prefer to have a service centre carry out the test can bring their vehicle to a Toyota dealership.

The RAV4 has been and continues to be the best-selling model for Toyota in Canada. Since the start of 2019, the company has sold 37,869 units of the SUV here; this represents an increase of 23% over last year. This performance has gone a long way to helping Toyota record a 16% jump in sales in July 2019 over last year, even as the market in general declined by 1.7%.

Photo: Toyota