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Charging your Toyota Prius Prime starts with the Solar Roof! (video)

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Significant research and development has gone into developing the new Toyota Prius Prime and its plug-in hybrid system. It’s clear that for the automotive press and for consumers, the technical aspects of the new model are its more attention-worthy features. Did you know, moreover, that Toyota has been named the most trustworthy manufacturer of hybrid cars for the seventh consecutive year, according to a study published by Reader’s Digest?

As previously announced, the Prius Prime is set to arrive at Canadian dealerships this spring. Click on our links to learn more about it or else watch the video below to see how its hybrid system works, including the available solar panel on the roof (manufactured by Panasonic) that helps charge the battery.

For the moment, availability of the solar roof option will be restricted to the Japanese market, with no word yet on when the North American market may see it.