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Toyota Prius Prime vs Chevrolet Volt: Why Toyota has the Edge

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Currently in the market for a plug-in hybrid car? Two of the models you’re likely looking at are the Toyota Prius Prime and the Chevrolet Volt – the latter the recipient of the 2017 Green Vehicle of the Year Award. These next-generation vehicles offer generous standard equipment, pleasant driving dynamics and, especially, phenomenal energy efficiency.

Even though it is for now sold exclusively in Quebec (starting at $32,990, before the $4,000 provincial government incentive), and despite pure electric range that falls short of the Volt's (around 40 km vs 85 km), the Prius Prime manages to stand out with many qualities, notably its official efficiency rating of only 1.8 Le/100 km.

In a new video just released by Toyota, the company explains just how its Prius Prime is a smarter choice for eco-conscious consumers:

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