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Toyota Touts Next Big Thing, Likely Teasing Next-Gen Sequoia

Image of the next-gen Toyota Sequoia
Photo: Toyota
The image reveals little but whets appetites, which is the point Automotive expert , Updated:

Toyota has teased a first image of an upcoming new model that will be joining the automaker’s SUV lineup. Nowhere is there a mention of what that model will be, but the clear candidate is the Sequoia, which is due for an overhaul.

It’s a clear candidate because the current and second generation of the model dates back to 2007. 15 years is an eternity in car years, so to say that the Sequoia offered now is outdated is putting it very mildly.

The image shows the back passenger-side end of a large, relatively rectangular SUV, along with a glimpse of a taillight. Beyond that, the vehicle is in the dark, and so are we.

For ideas of what to expect from this coming next-gen Sequoia, we can take a look over at the Tundra, just overhauled itself. Very likely, the new Sequoia will inherit the new Tundra’s two V6 engines, including one offering hybridity, as well as its 10-speed automatic transmission.

Toyota was stingy enough in it announcement that it also gave no indication of when we might know more about this new mystery SUV, other than to promise that “a clear picture will come into view soon”. We certainly hope so.

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The next Toyota Sequoia?
The next Toyota Sequoia?
Photo: Toyota

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