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Two Hyundai Veloster recalls you should know about

Two Hyundai Veloster recalls you should know about

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Hyundai Canada has issued a pair of recalls on the 2012 Veloster hatchback. The first one, which affects 1,593 vehicles, is about the panoramic sunroof. It appears that the glass may have been damaged during an automated assembly procedure at the factory, which could result in a fractured sunroof panel. Dealers will therefore inspect and, if necessary, replace the panoramic sunroof glass assembly.

The second recall has to do with moisture and road grime that could infiltrate into the parking brake mechanism and lead to corrosion and failure. Drivers may experience rear brake noise, the parking brake not releasing, or the inability to properly apply the parking brake. In this case, Hyundai dealers will replace the rear brake calliper assemblies on the 1,565 units affected.

Sources : Transports Canada

Hyundai Veloster rear 3/4 view
Hyundai Veloster (Photo: Hyundai)