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UBC team develops wireless charger

UBC team develops wireless charger

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A team of researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) has developed a wireless charging system for electric vehicles.

"A significant concern for charging cars wirelessly has been the high power and high frequency electromagnetic fields and their unknown, potential health effects on humans," explained Lorne Whitehead, Professor at the university's physics department.

Their system uses a frequency 100 times lower than what's used now. Two magnets are involved: one in the parking spot that rotates on electricity from the grid, and the other within the car.

The four wireless charging stations installed at UBC's building operations parking lot can provide a full charge in as little as four hours.

"One of the major challenges of electric vehicles is the need to connect cords and sockets in often cramped conditions and in bad weather," says David Woodson, managing director of UBC Building Operations."Since we began testing the system, the feedback from drivers has been overwhelmingly positive. All they need to do is to pull into the parking spot; the car will charge automatically."

The team has filed for a patent.

Source: Bulletins-É