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Uber X now available in Montreal

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The controversial Uber X app is finally available in Montreal, offering commuters cheaper rides than taxi cabs.

How does it work? It's simple: People with a valid driver's licence and a proper vehicle can chauffeur Uber X users from and to the destination of their choice at about a 30% lower cost than comparable taxi fares. There's a base fare of $3.75 plus $0.40 per minute or $0.90 per kilometre. 

Uber and the drivers split the money 20-80.

Jean-Nicolas Guillemette, who's responsible for Uber operations in Montreal, brags about safer commutes due to all the background checks for Uber X drivers (criminal records, driving records, vehicle inspections, etc.). 

Passengers can also rate drivers using the app, so those who follow them can make a wiser selection.


Source: La Presse