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The Volkswagen ID.4 Will Make its Debut in New York

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The first vehicle under Volkswagen’s new ID EV banner was unveiled in Europe last year. The ID.3, in essence a reworked Golf, is not however scheduled for the North American market.

We’ve known for some time that the first ID model to appear on our continent will be the ID.4. Now we know when the SUV will show itself: the New York auto show in April. This comes in a report by Autocar magazine.

The ID.4 sits on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform, designed to accommodate electric-vehicle powertrains. We can expect a bunch of products built on that architecture to appear in the coming years. The company is in fact already at work developing a coupe-style variant of the ID.4, which will get the name ID.5.

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Volkswagen ID. Crozz concept
Photo: Volkswagen
Volkswagen ID. Crozz concept

One of the advantages of this platform is that with the battery pack placed under the floor of the vehicle, cargo space should be very generous. Another is that the lower centre of gravity procured by having the battery sit where it will enhance road handling capabilities.

For the moment, rumours allude to the ID.4 getting an 83-kWh battery feeding two electric motors. The output will be 101 hp in the front and 201 in the rear, which obviously means all-wheel-drive capability.

As for range, we expect it to land somewhere around 400 km. This and more will likely be revealed at the presentation in April. We hope the revelations at the time include the pricing, and when the model will launch commercially.

Photo: Volkswagen
Photo: Volkswagen