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Will we get an ID.Buzz truck?

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The ID.Buzz electric van was unveiled last March, and although it will debut in Europe first, we can’t wait to test the electric model scheduled to arrive here in 2024.

And it's not so much because it will offer incredible performance. It's more that we're simply looking forward to being at the controls of this rather funky-looking vehicle.

Of course, what we're waiting for here is the long-wheelbase variant that's designed to carry people. The short-wheelbase van remains destined for the Old Continent only.

However, there may be another variant. Volkswagen has strongly hinted that a camping-ready version will be offered, and fans of the brand will be happy to learn that a double-cab pickup is strongly considered.

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It's worth remembering that at the time (1960s), such a model existed. It was referred to as the Transporter.

As for a modern version, the model's chief designer Klaus Zyciora showed us such a model on his Instagram account, accompanied by the question "Should we take the next step?"

Guess the answer from the audience. The "yes" was loud and clear, at least from the subscribers of his account.

And what adds weight to its publication is that Reuters also claims that Volkswagen is mulling over the notion of producing a U.S. version of the model, alongside the ID. Buzz

As for the published image that shows us the vehicle, it's based on the 2017 concept, it's important to note. A production version might yield something a little different, but it still gives us an idea.

So, do you too believe that Volkswagen should move forward with such a model?

Our answer is clear: yes!