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Volkswagen To Revive the Scout Name?

Badging on the International Scout II, 1973
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
If reborn, the Scout name would apply to an electric SUV designed for off-road driving Automotive expert , Updated:

Volkswagen has an impressive portfolio and an equally impressive history. Over the decades, many names have been used to designate models, so if the brand wants to make like Ford, Jeep and others and revive a name from the past, it has plenty of choices.

According to reports, VW is planning to revive the Scout name. Last year, we learned that the company was interested in the long-defunct Scout name for an electric SUV designed to stand out in off-road driving. According to MotorTrend, this interest has progressed, and we’re no longer in the strictly rumour stage.

But wait, you say. The Scout name has never been used on a Volkswagen product in the past. So how could the company give it a second life? A short history lesson is in order.

Volkswagen currently owns a brand called Traton, which in fact is a conglomerate of the MAN, Scania and Navistar divisions. Navistar was founded in 1986 as the successor to the former International Harvester company. It was this company that first introduced a Scout model in 1960, and it still owns the name. And after Traton bought Navistar in early July of this year for $3.7 billion, Volkswagen, which owns Traton, took ownership of the name. It’s free to do whatever it wants with the Scout name., 100% online, shop for your next car, buy online and get it delivered to you anywhere in Quebec!

The next question involves what type of vehicle the name could be applied to. If the speculation about an electric SUV for off-road driving holds true, that would be a pretty appropriate choice. The follow-up question would then relate to which regions VW might introduce the vehicle to, if not all.

Evident to us is that with all the buzz surrounding the return of certain names like Bronco and Wagoneer, the company should seriously consider making a future Scout a truly global model.

We'll have to wait for official announcements before speculating further, but for now, we can rejoice that the Scout name seems to be on its way back.

Stay tuned.

The Volkswagen ID.4
The Volkswagen ID.4
Photo: D.Boshouwers

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