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A New Design for Volkswagen’s R Logo

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At the Frankfurt auto show last month, Volkswagen unveiled what it generously called a new brand logo. But frankly, for most people it would have required a close inspection to see a difference between the new and the old.

In any case, when weeks before that the company first announced it was working on a new logo design, no one expected a revolutionary change. The VW badge is one of the most instantly-recognized on the planet.

This week, the German automaker revealed another revised logo, this one used to demarcate its R-Line and R model variants. And this time the change is more substantial. Although of course, the letter stays the same…

Photo: Volkswagen
Photo: Volkswagen

The R that makes up the logo is now only a partial letter, the vertical line that serves to hold it in place now absent. The intent is a sleeker, more stylized look, one which reinforces the variants’ sporty looks (in the case of the R-Line) and performance capabilities (the R), according to Jost Capito, head of the R division at Volkswagen.

The executive added, ““Our entire team is intensely working on the brand and product image and we are looking forward to continuing to roll these out in the coming months.”

Historically, we’ve never seen a ton of R-badged models on the roads, but that might change in the near-future. We know the company is working on a redesign for the Golf R, but its engineers and designers are also hard at work on R versions of the T-Roc and Tiguan models.

There’s also the chance we might eventually see R-badged versions of the company’s ID electric models that it is rolling out in the coming years. VW has not excluded the possibility…

As for the new logo, we’ll first see it on the Atlas Cross Sport R-Line. Don’t know that model? Well that’s because it hasn’t launched yet. In fact Auto123’s intrepid Vincent Aubé will be heading to Tennessee in the coming days for a product presentation of that new model, so stay tuned.

Photo: Volkswagen